LADA WISSA World Championship continues in Togliatti in Russia. Sudden wave of warm air is affecting the venue. Second racing day (Wednesday) started with the kiters waiting for 15-17 m/s wind to cease down a little bit before first course race could start. No mercy was given for windsurfing competitors.


Ploughed snow from STS racing area became heavy with water melting and casing the ice to sink and water to rise on both edges of the track. Instead of ”the normal downwind” we ended up with ”a figure eight” and three knee-deep puddles. One ”the starting puddle” was meant for winner of the previous race – positions being given in accordance with result of previous start. If number two chose to go slightly upwind, the previous winner had to slow down or go swimming. That naturally caused certain turbulence in results of the races. ”the Puddle of disgrace” was directly under the second mark. Any misjudgement or trembling due to fear sent competitors flying into a snow wall through couple of meters of water. ”the Puddle of glory” was awaiting those competitors who wanted to keep maximum speed until the finish line and slowed down there.


Our Slalom judge decided to go for safety first and divided the competitors in smaller fleets reducing the chances for accidents to a minimum. Clearing this track at 12-14 m/s winds with three colleagues wanting to get ahead of you was a hair- raising (or pretty wet) experience for everyone. A total of seven starts, for the four fleets.

Feodor Gurvits Quotes:I personally started in the worst possible way taking DSQ from the first start by overstepping the starting platform. This presented my competitors with 6 points ”for free” as I took 4 points from this start and moved to the second fleet getting 5 points as I won it in the next start. In the meantime my worst competitors took 1 and 2 and 2 and 1 points each. However it wasn’t easy for anyone. First fleet victories were split between three racers – me, Meelis Rang and Boris Ljubtsenko had two or three each and dropped to the second fleet once. Maybe it was just luck, but I ended up leading by 0,7 and 2,0 points. It is also interesting that we had exactly same result in the Estonian Ice sailing Slalom Championship one week before WISSA“.


On day three the wind dropped,

but the amount of water did not. Normally no sensible person goes sailing into knee-deep mixture of snow and water with a weak wind, but today it was WISSA and we have some of the best Russian competitors taking part in it. Sailing big, 9,5 sq.m. sailing with a speed of 5 or maximum 15 km/h is not much of a joy, but nobody gives up if others are fighting too. Surprisingly sailing tactics still exist even at these speeds. Four starts, muscular coma and some changes in the result table. Just 48 hours earlier we were flying the same area at 50-70 km/h rounding the entire track twice in 12-15 minutes (and complaining about that too). This is actually what WISSA is about.

You just have to push yourself out of your comfort zone and start learning from the best.

Sometimes it is about sailing, sometimes about waxing your skis properly or just taking the right kind of the sail. Occasionally it is also about mental strength and being at the start line at the right time!


By : Feodor Gurvits | Wissa2017 | en.wissa-2017.snowkiterussia.com

WISSA 2017 Results

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