BROUWERSDAM, OCTOBER 12th – 15th 2017

In about one week from now the DAM-X will kick off at the Zeil and Surfcentrum in Brouwersdam, Holland, hosting the spectacular final of this year’s EFPT. We talked to the organizer Rick Jendrusch, who managed to pull off a fantastic event for everybody since 2015 – an event full of freestyle action and sports activities, outstanding food and legendary parties.

By Carlijn Pijl


“This is one of the best spots to do events”

Rick, tell us how you got into hosting this event at the Zeil and Surfcentrum?
As I’m competing at a professional level of freestyle windsurfing myself, I’ve always wanted to organize a high quality event at my home spot. I think this is one of the best spots to do events. I love to organize this kind of events and it’s just so much fun to get all the best windsurfers here.

What makes this DAM-X edition special, what’s new this year?
Last winter we completely rebuilt our center so the whole place is just brand new and this makes everything challenging again for us as everything will be different and new for us as well. Because we were busy rebuilding, we kept the event mainly the same, just improved some parts to increase the overall quality of the event.

What’s the one thing absolutely NOT TO MISS at DAM-X?
There are actually a few things… the weekend is just amazing with lots of windsurf action from the pro EFPT freestyle windsurfers and of course the Slalom Funrace in the weekend for all windsurfers with one hell of a big PARTY, that is outstanding every year! The Friday Night Event is always a highlight for us as organizers as that is the most work for us and when this works out well, we are just happy. It’s a super chill evening with one big night show that is a lot of work.

Why should I enroll in the Funrace?
The Funrace is a downwind slalom race where everyone can participate in different categories. From pro slalom riders to people who just can jibe everyone can take part. It’s just a super fun weekend with different races, a big party, some goodies, BBQ and lots of windsurfing to close the season in Europe.

Why should my grandma come and visit the event?
Probably she wants an autograph of one of these hot windsurfers! 😉 The event is fun for everyone, watching the pro riders bust out the biggest move or just stroll around the event area, do some nice activities and get a nice snack at one of the food trucks. It’s just amazing to be here and feel the good vibes.

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened at DAM-X?
This is definitely something at the party where we probably can’t talk about here 😉 But the event is just one fun event as our DJ Ruben is just smiling all the time! There are too many good stories! Just come and make one yourself here.

Rick Rotates a Loop Spin Maneuver in his Backyard


DAM-X is especially famous for pushing youngsters and bringing up fresh faces in freestyle competition. The 13-year-old Rookie TIGO KORT from Zierikzee will be competing for the second time at his home spot in Brouwersdam.


Tigo, what are your expectations for this year’s edition of DAM-X?
I would like to do a few good moves and finish higher up on the ranking than last year.

What are you looking forward to the most at the event?
The whole combination, the sporting activities, fun parties and location.

What hooked you into freestyle?
I’ve been windsurfing for 4 years, besides the 4 Rookie Cups this is my fourth competition. What I like about freestyle windsurfing is the combination of a lot of training, learning good moves and having fun.

Thank you Tigo and best of luck!

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You can still register for the DAM-X Funrace under →
or at the reception desk at the Zeil- en Surfcentrum Brouwersdam
Ossenhoek 1 (Kabbelaarsbank)
3253 MH Ouddorp (Zuid-Holland)
More event info at

Right people, see you there in a week!

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