Day 5 at The 2016 RS:X Youth World Windsurfing Championship

Competitors skills put to test in light wind conditions on the 5th competition day.

The Youths head out to challenge the tricky conditions, the day before the Final day, some concerned yet all concentrated. It was all or nothing, anyone could take the lead after a packed start, as boards glide trough the swells towards the upwind mark followed by performing pumping techniques on the downwind leg towards the gate and back up. Again a total of 3 Races were completed with some interesting performances from those who favor the lighter winds compared to the previous days.

RS:X Youth World Championship || 2016-11-25, Limassol, Cyprus || © Copyright 2016 || Robert Hajduk - || All Rights Reserved ||

The defending Champion, Israel’s Yoav Omer who has been having a great event performance so far had the following to say: “This week was very difficult for me, in a way it has been pretty much hectic, all those previous days it has been super windy with close action and everybody was fighting, also difficult for the race committee. I am happy to be able to win this competition before the medal race. In the strong winds its easier for me to perform well, but in the light winds today I was good so it did not really matter for me. I am happy, I came here with the focus to win this Worlds. Tomorrow is the Medal Race and I am prepared, no stress, just have to do good that’s all. After this championship I am officially qualified to go to my last event for the season at the Auckland 2016 Youth Sailing World Championship. I then will move up to the RSX seniors for the next season”.

RS:X Youth World Championship || 2016-11-25, Limassol, Cyprus || © Copyright 2016 || Robert Hajduk - || All Rights Reserved ||

Spain’s Cornudella Sole: “I am used to sail in light conditions at home in Barcelona, Spain as we have much more light wind days compared to strong wind days. Today’s conditions were much better for me as I am totally used to this. Other competitors from other countries were faster in the previous days and had more control in the stronger winds, I just could not control my board as they did and I think that, that was one of the important things, to be confident and to keep the board speed. Today I was happy, I was waiting for these conditions and it went great. Tomorrow is important for the top 10, unfortunately I am not in, but it will be just another racing day, I will try to keep improving myself and its great to have the opportunity to learn, analyze and to watch what the other guys will do to. Its my last year in the Youths category and I will continue my training and improvements”.

RS:X Youth World Championship || 2016-11-25, Limassol, Cyprus || © Copyright 2016 || Robert Hajduk - || All Rights Reserved ||

Few quick comments from Israel’s Katy Spychakov, currently in second position in the women fleet :
“This week has been a difficult one, the girls are all good and the wind was very strong especially yesterday.
I do prefer more light winds, today went OK, now a little bit stressed but I think it will be OK, just want to do better.

More words from; Mariam Sekhposyan from St. Petersburg who spends her time training in Sochi, the southern part of Russia. “This season been exciting, I participated in the RS:X Europeans and it was a great experience.
For me it was a special event, because in previous events I was really bad in strong winds.
Now I feel that I am stronger and better, I managed to stay in the top and I am proud of myself.
In today’s light wind conditions we could really see who the good and all-round sailors were.
The last four days here, were amazing, I trained hard for this… after this event I will be the one to represent Russia in the Auckland 2016 Youth Sailing World Championship.

Tomorrow is the big show time, the final competition day of the 2016 RS:X Youth World Windsurfing Championship in Limassol, Cyprus.

Saturday, 26th November 2016 “ The Final Day”

Youth Women MEDAL RACE


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