Day 2 at the 2016 RS:X Youth World Windsurfing Championship

RS:X Youth World Championship || 2016-11-22, Limassol, Cyprus || © Copyright 2016 || Robert Hajduk - || All Rights Reserved ||

A strong breeze welcomed the competitors on another beautiful day in Limassol, Cyprus.
The second competition day was filled with excitement and tension as the conditions were not so much different then the previous, a slightly shifted wind direction with stronger wind gusts up to 22knots on the outside, caused for another great day with 3 races completed for both, men and the women fleets.
The Aruban Mack van den Eerenbeemt remains consistent and in top form with 3 bullets today. In the other fleet of the men it was the Israeli Yoav Omer who played his cards well with 1st, 2nd and a 1st in the last race. In 3rd position we have another strong Israeli competitor; Tom Reuveny with a 2nd. 3Rd and 4th position followed by the French kid Camille Bouyer with a 3rd , 5th and a 2nd position. Summing up the top 5 includes the Dutch; Luuc-Adrianus van Opzeeland with a 3rd and 2 times a 2nd in the two last races sailed today.

A few Words from Mack van den Eerenbeemt:
Getting into RS:X
“I started windsurfing when I was 8 years old and in 2013 I got the opportunity to qualify myself for the Youth Olympic Games in China, so I tried the Bic Techno 293 and qualified for the 2014 Youth Olympics and well after Techno 293 I stepped over to the RS:X”.
“Its a pretty long story; actually I recently moved to Holland and got accepted into the Dutch team and I have spend some time training with them for about 3 Month. In the end I can say that I was well prepared for this Championships”.
This season:
“I attended the Europeans and some other small events, It was not a busy season for me as I was moving from Aruba to Holland and  I have been occupied with  my lats school year, but  now it seems to get a bit busier”.
About Cyprus:
“So far I really like the place and the conditions and the wind has been perfect so far. The Conditions are perfect, nice and choppy”.
Strong Opponents :
“The defending Champon  Yoav Omer from Israel who is performing well, in fact the whole team from Israel is strong including the Dutch team”.
Frame of Mind:
“I feel happy, relaxed and fit as I trained a lot so after the lay day I will put the focus on having some  more good races”.

RS:X Youth World Championship || 2016-11-22, Limassol, Cyprus || © Copyright 2016 || Robert Hajduk - || All Rights Reserved ||

A Shout out to my Fans:
Masha masha Danki pa e support i mi ta hasi mi best ( Thank you very much for the support and I will continue to do my best )

In the women fleet the Israel team remains on top with 3 competitors in the top 5 position.
Emma Wilson from Great Britain keeps it interesting with a overall 3rd after 6 races, with a 3rd, 6th and 2n place today. Noy Drihan continues leading the fleet with 3 bullets today and in second place her training partner Katy Spychakov with a 2 times 2nd and a 3rd position in today’s races.

A few Words from Noy Drihan:
“I did a lot of training back home in Eilat, Israel and our team came to Cyprus early, about 2 weeks ago for our training camp”.
Strong Opponents:
“Well my own team is very strong, then there is Emma Wilson from Great Britain and the girl from Peru; Maria Belen Bazo”.
Frame of Mind:
“Its fun and exciting to be in the lead”.
Looking forward:
I do feel pressure but I try to put it aside and to continue to give my best”.
About Cyprus:
“Its my second time here in Cyprus and I love this place, except for the chops they are quite big”.
Next up:
“Auckland 2016 Youth Sailing World Championship to represent my country”

RS:X Youth World Championship || 2016-11-21, Limassol, Cyprus || © Copyright 2016 || Robert Hajduk - || All Rights Reserved ||

Shout Out to my Fans:
Peace, Love and Happiness

Youth Men top 5 after 6 races:
1. Mack van den Eerenbeemt | ARU 11
2. Yoav Omer | ISR 24
3. Tom Reuveny | ISR 60
4. Camille Bouyer | FRA 2
5. Luuc-Adrianus van Opzeeland | NED 55

Youth Women top 5 after 6 races:
1. Noy Drihan | ISR 20
2. Katy Spychakov | ISR 32
3. Emma Wilson | GBR 7
4. Maya Morris | ISR 7
5. Mariam Sekhposyan | RUS 13

Another 3 races completed on the second competition day here at the 2016 RS:X Youth World Windsurfing Championship in Limassol, Cyprus. Tomorrow is a Lay Day, however the exciting races will continue on the 24th of November.

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