The name says it all – Sterre is Dutch for “stars“ and we’re sure that we will see a lot more of this little starlet in the freestyle future. The 12 year-old local entered her first competition here in the European Freestyle Pro Tour Finals at the DAM-X event in Brouwersdam. Living only seven minutes away she can call one of the best windsurf spots in Europe her home spot.


I train every day after school when there is wind, but even when there’s no wind I train heli tacks and low wind tricks.”

How is your first competition experience so far?

First I was very excited because I never did it before and when I go upwind I never know whether I’ll be on time but it is really nice and all the girls help you and are very nice to you. I won the first heat and the second I lost to Arianne Aukes, that was very funny because she is super good and made third place!”

Why did you decide to register for this event?

Because I want to know how it goes and get more experience in competition so that when I’m older and want to go again I know how everything works.”

What would you tell other young girls that are still hesitating to compete?

Don’t be scared because it’s good! You know that you’re not gonna win, maybe some day but you’re not gonna be first if you’ve never done this before. It’s very much English but if you don’t understand something the other girls will help you with your English. Oh and don’t be too excited because then things can go very wrong haha!”

What do you think about this event so far, how was the registration, organization etc.?

It’s very good organized because when you don’t know something, they say it like 20 times or something, so it’s very hard to miss things and if you don’t understand something or don’t know when the skippers’ meeting is, you can always ask someone, the other girls and everyone will tell you, everyone is very helpful.”

Do you think we’re going to see you here again next year?

Yeah sure, it’s very nice so I think yes!“

Good luck for your upcoming heats Sterre, we’ll be cheering for you at the beach!

Karoline Kopka for worldofwindsurf.com

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