The Registration for the 2017 Multivan Formula Windsurfing World Championship was completed this morning with a total of 50 competitors from 15 Nations.

2017 MultiVan FW WC SYLT-WorldofWindsurf (7 of 43)

The Defending Formula Windsurfing World Champion is Alexandre Cousin from France who said he’d be back this season to defend his title: read it here in the Digital Edition#10 of World of Windsurf Magazine re: Last Years Victory

Previous Formula Windsurfing Champions attending are :
2015 FW World Champion Gonzalo Costa Hoevel from Argentina
2013 FW World Champion Casper Bouman from the Netherlands
2009 FW World Champion Steve Allen from Australia
2008 FW World Champion Wojtek Brzozowski from Poland

2017 MultiVan FW WC SYLT-WorldofWindsurf (35 of 43)
Casper Bouman and Alexandre Cousin discussing rope lengths for ( adjustable out-haul systems which are used during Racing to adjust the sail power and profile especially when going up-wind or down-wind, but also if the wind drops or increases a few knots, allowing competitors to trim while racing to ensure maximum performance )

2017 MultiVan FW WC SYLT-WorldofWindsurf (26 of 43)
The Official Notice Board is where competitors may find all useful information such as : The Sailing Instructions-Starting procedures-Important Announcements-Rules and Regulations and other practical info’s needed for Racing.

2017 MultiVan FW WC SYLT-WorldofWindsurf (8 of 43)

The German Vincent Langer the Competitor of Interest here in Sylt, as the Athlete representative of  this Events Major Sponsor of the World Championships ” VolksWagen “ 

2017 MultiVan FW WC SYLT-WorldofWindsurf (20 of 43)

10:00am Skippers Meeting: The moment competitors are briefed with important info’s and introduced to the Event Staff ( Girls in Yellow ), the Jury members of the Racing committee and so on….

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