TODAY (Monday, 8th) at 1300 the men will start racing, followed by the women at 1310. The event lasts for 5 days, with 12 races scheduled.

The course area will be inside the bay, in front of the beach, known as Pão de Açucar. Conditions look to be the best direction for this race area with a south east sea breeze. Looking like light railing to planning if the pressure can build enough.  The tide will be flowing into the bay during the racing and will make for some very interesting tactics in the circular bay of Pão de Açucar.

Yesterday a final practice race was held in the same area scheduled for today’s RS:X racing.

Most of these athletes have spent over 10,000 hours windsurfing, years of hard work, ups and downs. You can lose a regatta on the first day but you can’t win it.

Good luck to all the sailors!

Text: Sam Sills / RS:X Class Media / World Sailing | Photography – Sailing Energy/World Sailing

-Follow the Athletes Live During the Races-

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