This is the official windsurf video of the Mauritius Attitude Challenge 2016
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The Mauritius Attitude Challenge event is described by nearly every participant as one of the best events they have ever attended. There is something to be said about the relaxed yet organized way things naturally happen that makes this event better and better every year. Friends meet and more are made as the spirit of sportsmanship is simply incredible. The racing is why we all attend, yet it is the share beauty of Mauritius that is growing this event. The inviting nature of the Mauritian people makes it impossible to not have the time of your life. The sophistication and brilliance and service of the Zilwa Attitude hotel was something to behold. The Mauritius Challenge grows year by year for the obvious reason that it is one of the world’s best venues and windsurfing events.

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A BBQ invitation from the Zilwa attitude Management.

Traditional Mauritian dances and music, local cold cocktails followed by a small cruise towards a little private island – part of the Zilwa attitude hotel- where a selection of traditional Mauritians snacks and dishes were served by the smiling hotel staff.

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Great vibes on the second event day, which was more like a lay day, cloudy skyes and too light winds caused for the mellow moods.

Next days schedule:

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Road Trip, Races and Laughter

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Day 1 at The Mauritius Freeride Attiude Challenge with 4 races done for the windsurfing teams.

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Le Morne one of the popular spots on the island welcomed the enthusiastic windsurfers after a road trip trough the islands time saving curvy roads with a panoramic view of beautiful landscapes including some little villages and stunning coast lines.

54 Windsurfers Registered from 7 Countries on this 5th edition of this unique windsurfing event in Mauritius.

The competing Teams are : Defi Wind – Dodo – Baracuda – Jetset – South Africa – Australia

The race committee announced the first start for the down wind slalom an hour after the skippers meeting took place on the beach at Le Morne. The conditions were perfect with the high tide coming in right on time, winds up to 20knots and bright sunny skies.

A rabbit start, 5 jibes and a finish line near the spectators on the beach. >


Patrik dietelm (Team Defi Wind) won the first race of the event after a mellow cruise behind the Local Julien Maurel ( Team Dodo ) who knew his way trough the shallow waters of approx 50cm deep. After the last mark Patrik accelerated and shifted to turbo mode passing Julien on the last reach towards the finish line.

post image race 1

During the the following race the conditions got a little lighter at some parts of the bay but the racing continued with great vibes and great action until the late afternoon. Fabrice Leclézio (Team Dodo) remains in third position with a few second places results, he probably will be one of the competitors to look out for in the next up coming days.

Karin Jaggi (Team Defi Wind) and Karo van Tonder (Team South Africa) the two ladies having a blast competing with the Men and kicking some a**.

The next days schedule all depends on the weather conditions and of course Christopher Tyak (event organizer) and Antony Rigaut ( Principal Race Officer ) their decisions.

You may follow updates of the event on:


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See the full results:

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